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Examination and Treatment Planning

A check-up of your teeth and general oral health is recommended 6 monthly for ongoing maintenance, collating any treatment required in a treatment plan, complete with a cost estimate of the work needed. Bitewing X rays are recommended for a complete examination, and are updated every 18-24 months, as required.

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Hygiene and Management of Gum Disease

Teeth cleaning involves removal of stains, calculus, tartar and plaque. If left, this can lead to various stages of gum disease. Fluoride treatment is provided after a clean to strengthen the tooth enamel and protect against further decay and erosion. We recommend visiting the hygienist every 6 months for ongoing maintenance.

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Restorative Treatment

A cavity in your tooth may have several causes including decay or fracture, and is repaired with a filling or restoration. An x-ray may be required for assessment.

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Tooth Removal or Extraction

Removal of a tooth, which includes the crown and root of a tooth, is called a tooth extraction. This will always require an x-ray and is performed under local anaesthesia. This is case specific dependant on the time needed, difficulty of the extraction, cost of the procedure and cooperation from the patient. We also remove wisdom teeth, though this is also case specific.

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Root Canal Therapy

In some teeth, when the pulp tissue (centre of the tooth, where the nerves and blood vessels supply the tooth) becomes inflamed, this can be very painful, and may be due to decay or trauma. The treatment required in this situation involves several appointments to treat the infection with antibiotic treatment, called root canal therapy or endodontic treatment.

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Crown and Bridge Work

In teeth with very large fillings, or previously root canal treated teeth, a crown is recommended for protection and to strengthen the tooth.

A bridge is an option to replace a missing tooth, involving a crown of the adjacent teeth, as abutments for the missing tooth.

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Full and Partial Dentures

A denture is a removable plate to replace one or more missing teeth. Dentures may be made in either acrylic/plastic or a combination of acrylic and metal, and these involve liasing with a dental laboratory to construct. Click here to contact us to make a consultation time.

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Teeth Whitening

Teeth can be bleached or whitened via several methods, including a take home kit and custom made trays, in chair whitening, or microenamel dermabrasion. It is best to discuss with your dentist if you are a suitable candidate for whitening procedures as it may increase risk of tooth sensitivity.

Munno Para Dental Clinic Medical check-up

Night Guards and Mouth Guards

A night guard or occlusal splint can be made for people who clench or grind their teeth, resulting in tooth wear, jaw or muscle pain, even headaches.

Costs are very specific. For a cost estimate, please contact us on (08) 8284 0777 to make an appointment for an examination and treatment plan.